Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend! From Friday to now it has just been the best! Friday night I worked and then hung out with an old friend. Saturday I woke up and went to a "gardening party" at my dad's house. I got to use the (thank goodness) brand new lawn mower and cut the grass. It was me, my dad, and Wendy all at the house together working on yard work. A few neighbors dropped in and it was all around a wonderful day. We built a garden that has to be ten feet by ten feet. Dad sent Wendy and I to the store to buy four tomato plants, but of course we got them at a great price, and so we came home with about 20... and we planted them. If you have never used a motorized rototiller, it is quite an experience. I think my wrists still hurt. I got really sunburned but it was worth it for the day. Afterward I came home (to my new house still) and passed out for a bit and then it was off to the Pirate game with my sister, her husband, her three children, and our Aunt Char. It was Skyblast night, which meant that after the game there were fireworks and a band! What a great family day!!!

Today my dad came over and saw the new place, and then I had my girlfriends over for Sunday Lunch. We had pizza and dip, and it was great. Both Shannon and Melanie brought their little girls and we had a great time in the living room, just chatting and catching up. It's been almost TWO MONTHS since we had Sunday lunch, which may not sound like much to you but when you're used to doing it every week, it's a long time. Quick nap then off to a photo shoot where I got to see my friend Lindsay's beautiful little boy. I took his four month pictures and they turned out absolutely beautiful. The older he gets, the more fun it is to take pictures of him because he can do more. Finally, I headed to a local bar to watch the pens game and sorry to say, but we lost. :-( I still have hope for our Pens though, we're bringing it home on Tuesday.

Well, it is time for bed now, because it's back to work tomorrow. I got so sun burned gardening on Saturday that I have been really cold and tired. I hate peeling so I put aloe vera on like it is going out of style. Got a call from my office today about a case... sometimes I feel like it never stops. I'm so envious that my friend Mia gets to retire. I will miss her when she's gone from work.


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