Saturday, May 23, 2009

C'mon June!

Whew... May has been a very taxing month. With a trip to Philly, a move, and about 1000 court hearings under my belt. I will be glad when June arrives! We don't have cable at my new apartment but thanks to an unsuspecting neighbor who forgot to password protect their internet connection, I am able to use it at times. :-) Sorry if that bothers anyone, especially my neighbor, but if it does, then I suggest you password protect your connection. I'm not a hacker, just an opportunist.

Anyhow, what amazes me most tonight is that I am home alone on a Friday night, we don't have cable, it's super quiet here, and I LOVE IT. I can just putz around my house, putting things away or just relax on my couch [I LOVE MY COUCH] and do... nothing. I used to feel pressured to have something to "do" on every weekend night but now there's plenty to do but I'm staying home because I want to.

My last place was great but this one is incredible. The view is better off my deck, the neighbors are all wonderful, and I have the best roommate in the world. Her birthday is tomorrow so I decorated the apartment in yellow streamers today (her favorite color), got some balloons, cake, card.. ya know, the works and just left it for when she got home from work. It made her happy, which made me happy.

I guess you might say I am just enjoying the simplicity of life right now... and amazed at how things can change from chaotic to simple, so fast!


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mia said...

Great posts, Michele. Putz is a Pittsburgh word, I am pretty sure!